Friendly Thew

        Friendly Thew enables students from different levels to exchange thoughts and ideas, with the teachers listening to problems, giving advice, and observing the development of the students in their group.


Format of activities for the Friendly Thew Project

Primary level 1 – Secondary level 6

1. TPG Boom students from Secondary grade 1 to 6 sing and cheer in order to foster spirit of solidarity in morning assemblies before the National Anthem.

2. Thew & Teen Society (by students’ committee 2012) has the objectives as follows:

        2.1 To build love and good understanding between all students from all levels between Primary 1 to Secondary 6.

        2.2 To build relationships between old students (Smart Thew) and present day students (Smart Teen).


Activities to encourage positive relationships between home and school

    Thewphaingarm School has organized various activities such as parent evenings, interrelationship activities, Thew Families and the following up and reporting of news and events with parents in order to exchange information between the home and school. This enables us to care for the students in an effective way and keep parents informed so as to enable them to join together with the school in caring for and giving effective guidance.