Admissions Information

Admissions Information

Regulations for new students:

Thewphaingarm School is open to accept boarding and day students as follows:

1. The national core curriculum, Kindergarten and Primary 1 – Mathayom 6

2. EFF project under the national core curriculum

3. TSEP (Thewphaingarm School English Program) project under English Program syllabus from Kindergarten 1 – 3 and Grades 1 – 12

Schedule for registration

Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 17:00

Tel. 0-2424-6225, 0-2433-8253, 0-2883-1161

For Admission: 

Documents needed for application

1. Photocopy of mother and father’s or guardian’s ID card. One copy

2. 1 inch colour photo of student wearing school uniform and taken within the last 6 months. Three pictures

3. Photocopy of birth certificate and photocopy of document showing evidence of change of first name or surname (if any) of student or parent complete with certification. One copy

4. Photocopy of house registration of student and parents complete with certification. One copy

5. Photocopy of educational status from previous schools complete with certification. One copy

6. Parents (mother and father of student) can cooperate in the application by stating details of profession, workplace, educational background, and details about their child’s personality and behavior as well as providing cooperation with Thewphaingarm School to produce a quality young person or Smart Teen

Special service: Thewphaingarm school bus to bring students to school and take them home.