Creation of early childhood quality or Brainy Thew (2-6 years)

        Students between the ages of 2 and 6 undergo rapid development of the brain cells. Students are offered many types of learning activities and implementation of the 5 senses through movement, exploration, play, observation, and experimenting. Thewphaingarm School organizes Nursery and Kindergarten 1-3 classes according to the following principles:

    1. Brain-based Learning

    2. The Multiple Intelligences Theory of Howard Gardner

    3. Piaget's Theory of Intellectual Development and Bloom & Torrance’s Taxonomy


           Tiny Tots or Brainy Thew of Thewphaingarm School receive intellectual enhancement and support through Brain-based learning and Multiple Intelligences activities to which express the following points.



    1. Discipline

    2. Responsibility

    3. Honesty

    4. Environmental Awareness

    5. A Love of Reading



Capabilities from learning under the principles of Brain-based Learning and Multiple Intelligences activities are that students:

1. Know how to use Thai and English to communicate

2. Know how to use manners when in the company of others, for instance: saying please, thank you and sorry

3. Know how to use reason in asking and answering questions

4. Know how to use the 5 senses and environmental awareness to find solutions and answers

5. Know how to compare 2 or 3 things or objects (or short events)

6. Know how to speak and listen properly

7. Know how to choose between good and bad behaviour

8. Know how to be a leader and a follower

9. Know how to understand other people’s feelings

10. Know how to conduct oneself suitably in the right circumstances